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Researching the Future of Digital Currency

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Our Focus

FDCI's areas of research are many. Digital currencies touch many sectors of the economy and must be developed through multiple academic disciplines to ensure ripple effects of technological choices are thoroughly evaluated.

Financial Inclusion

Using digital currencies to bring universal access to transparent, fair, and efficient payment and market mechanisms.


A seamless interoperability substrate layer that facilitates network scaling, ensures fungibility across new systems, and enables new financial use-cases and businesses.

Identity Verification

How digital currencies can achieve ID verification and how it will affect know-your-customer and anti-money-laundering policies and practices.

Currency Programmability

How digital currencies can be programmed to execute smart contracts for multiple uses cases geared toward both private and public sector interests.

Decentralized Financial Systems (DeFi)

Digital currency's role in decentralizing the financial sector. For example, how digital currencies can use multi-asset matching requests and trade execution protocols that allow for efficient, liquid, and high throughput decentralized market exchanges. 

Evolution of the Digital Economy

What will the overall digital economy look like in the next 5, 10, or 50 years? How will our efforts impact that future? What are the nth level consequences of implementing technological and regulatory standards today on that future?



Affiliated Faculty Research

FDCI is pursuing research through multiple avenues, through the FDCI lab itself, and through our affiliated faculty's ongoing projects linked below.

Professor David Mazières' Research

Professor Dan Boneh's Research

Professor Darrell Duffie's Research

Professor Ashish Goel's Research

Digital Currency for the Future