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Future of Digital Currency Initiative

Stanford Computer Science

The digitization of currency, the foundation of economic life, will have a profound impact on the future of society. The Future of Digital Currency Initiative explores the emerging role of Digital Currencies in promoting global financial inclusion, their role in the evolution and growth of digital economies, their effect on global monetary and fiscal policy, and how technologists and policymakers must create interoperability between digital currencies, blockchains, and existing financial infrastructures.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to foster collaborations among Stanford’s different schools and working groups on digital currencies to identify and address technical, legal, policy and economic challenges and opportunities of digital currencies. We work with government, business and academic leaders to propose well-researched, innovative standards and solutions that promote the success of public and private digital currencies and their many use cases. Our hope is to ensure a future where we have innovative new technology that creates global monetary stability, interoperability of platforms, security, and financial inclusion so that the barriers to innovation are low and access to the financial system are expanded.


FDCI Pillars

While our research priorities might evolve, our goals and vision are grounded by three pillars: Standardization, Engagement, and Innovation.


Standardization focuses on the development of policy objectives, regulatory requirements, and governance norms to advance a standardization roadmap in coordination with standards-setting entities through a consensus-driven process.


Engagement focuses on working with a diverse set of stakeholders in the research of the Initiative across the public and private sector to share lessons learned in the design and implementation of Digital Currencies and their impact on the global digital economy.


Innovation focuses on driving industry adoption by developing methods and metrics to evaluate the performance, security, and resiliency of existing and future implementations of all digital currencies against a set of common standards accepted by ecosystem stakeholders.