Seminar Series

FDCI Seminar Series is a joint series with the Center for Blockchain Research. Please visit the CBR's website for a full list of that group's speakers. Below are the dates and names of the speakers FDCI will be hosting for this series. All presentations will be virtual through Zoom. 

Zoom meeting link here.

Password: 071256

Wednesday, June 9th, 2021 from 3-4pm PDT, Zoom

Geoff Ramseyer, Stanford Computer Science PhD Student


Geoff will present his research on a novel design of an on-chain, highly scalable, decentralized exchange.  The key design insight is to use an Arrow-Debreu exchange market structure that fixes the valuation of assets for all trades in a given block of transactions. This prevents frontrunning attacks that would otherwise increase the bid-ask spread for small traders, eliminates internal arbitrage opportunities, and improves liquidity between traditionally illiquid currency pairs.  It also makes trade operations commutative, and thus effectively parallelizable.

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Wednesday, May 26th, 2021 from 3-4pm PDT, Zoom

David Jevans, CipherTrace

"Blockchain analytics and forensics: how it works, what we learn from it, and how it can inform regulators."

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Wednesday, May 19th, 2021 from 3-4pm PDT, Zoom

Xochitl Cazador and Tim Moreton, Celo

"How Celo’s mobile-first technology is being used to create an inclusive financial system."


Celo’s mission is to build an open financial system that creates conditions of prosperity for all. The Celo Platform is a mobile-first blockchain that makes decentralized financial (DeFi) tools and services accessible to
anyone with a mobile phone–bringing the powerful benefits of DeFi to the users of the 6 billion smartphones in circulation today. With its interoperability, cross-chain compatibility, and vision for currency inclusivity, the Celo Platform enables native and non-native digital assets–both cryptographic and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)–to circulate freely, at extremely low costs and high speeds, across devices, carriers, and countries–making money mobile, global and accessible like never before.
During this session, Xochitl and Tim will dive deep into field research that helped shape how the platform and applications were designed and highlight use cases where blockchain is being adopted to lead efforts like Universal Basic Income, MicroWork and P2P Lending. 

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Wednesday, May 12th, 2021 from 3-4pm PDT, Zoom

Professor Kevin Werbach, Wharton School

"Decentralized Finance: A Toolkit for Policy-Makers"


Blockchain-based Decentralized Finance (DeFi) services grew from under $1 billion to $40 billion in locked digital assets during 2020. Is DeFi the killer app for decentralized applications and governance, the future of global finance, or a catastrophe waiting to happen? Or perhaps all of the above? Based on reports developed with the World Economic Forum, this presentation will highlight:

1.  What exactly is DeFi?

2.  Distinctive risks that regulators should be concerned about

3.  Policy approaches to promote innovation while preventing harms

Kevin Werbach